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Creative Infocom Private Ltd.
3D CAD modeling, 3D Scanner, 3D Scanning, 3D White Light Scanning,
Reverse Engg., Products Design, Analysis, Mold Design
reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software

3D scanners, breuckmann 3D scanners

Reverse Engineering Sevices Software / Inspection Analysis Software (PolyWorks)

Scanning Principle

reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software
Miniature Projeection Technique

miniature projection technique

PolyWorks/Modeler ™

Class A Polygonal Modeling & Fast Surfacing for Manufacturing Applications
PolyWorks/Modeler™ is a comprehensive reverse engineering software solution for creating accurate and smooth polygonal models and NURBS surfaces from high-density point clouds. Preferred by automotive design studios worldwide, PolyWorks/Modeler™ is the only reverse engineering software solution that has demonstrated the capability of creating class A polygonal models for stringent polygonal manufacturing applications such as 3-axis & 5-axis milling, aerodynamic simulation, and digital review. PolyWorks/Modeler™ also offers a powerful rapid surfacing methodology that delivers the most usable NURBS surfaces in CAD software such as CATIA and UG.

reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software

PolyWorks/Modeler™ allows you to:

Generate manufacturable class A polygonal models
Create smooth and logical NURBS surfaces easily editable in CAD software 3D Digitizing Overview of a typical PolyWorks/Modeler™ Process

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PolyWorks/Inspector ™

The World's #1 Point Cloud Inspection Solution in the Manufacturing Community
PolyWorks/Inspector™ is a powerful software solution that uses high-density point clouds and contact-probe datasets to control the quality of parts and tools at every phase of your manufacturing process. Today, major automotive and aeronautic OEMs and tier-one suppliers worldwide use PolyWorks/Inspector™ as their standard point cloud inspection software for prototype, first-article, manufactured, and assembled parts inspection.

reverse engineering software, inspection analysis software reverse engineering technique, reverse engineering technology reverse engineering technique, reverse engineering technology

PolyWorks/Inspector™ allows you to:

The measurement process is based on the principle of optical triangulationand benefits from the precision of light. The automatically generated data images are analyzed and evaluated within seconds by digital image processing. The consistent explitation of redundant information covers the result statistically. Without direct contact to the object and being materially independent, the 3D-digitizing of arbitrary object, such as work pieces, models, moulds, plastics, human body parts, component damage, etc. can be realized for a variety of applications e.g:
Importing Objects: Data Objects & Reference Objects
Data objects consist of set of digitized points. PolyWorks/Inspector™ supports datasets produced by all high-density 3D digitizers, articulated arms with contact probes, laser trackers, and CMM. PolyWorks/Inspector™ also offers several plug-ins that allow direct scanning and probing from within its user interface.

Reference objects describe a surface and can consist of a NURBS-based models or polygonal mesh. PolyWorks/Inspector supports CATIA V4 and V5, IGES, PRO/E, STEP, STL, UG, and VDA-FS file formats.

Overview of a typical PolyWorks/Inspector™ Process

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