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Creative Infocom Private Ltd.
3D CAD modeling, 3D Scanner, 3D Scanning, 3D White Light Scanning,
Reverse Engg., Products Design, Analysis, Mold Design
3d measurement systems, breuckmann 3d scanners

3D scanners, breuckmann 3D scanners

Breuckmann 3D Scanner (White Light Scanner)

We are authorised distributor of variety of scanners such as 3D measurement system for scanning, Breuckmann 3D Scanner, AICON 3D Studio with DPA-Pro and other scanners available in various models.

bodySCAN (Digitisation of the human body)

In the standard digitisation method, a very high accuracy and quality 3D image of the full-scale human body can be captured in only 4.5 seconds. A special fast modus with a reduced acquisition time of less than 2.5 seconds is available for analytical studies of any body postures.

The bodySCAN 3D system consists of four measuring columns, each of which equipped with a projector and two digital cameras. The cameras provide a resolution of 656 x 490 pixels. Optionally, high-resolution cameras with a resolution of 1384 x 1036 pixels may be implemented.

The resulting eight datasets captured in each scan, are processed and merged into a three-dimensional body picture by the powerful OPTOCAT software, an integral product constituent to all Breuckmann scanning systems.

Application Areas
  • Computer animation and computer games
  • Gifts and souvenirs, such as sculptures or sub-surface engravings
  • Medical technology and prosthetics
  • Individually fitted seats, e. g. for the automotive and aircraft industries
  • Tailor-made clothing for extreme sports
  • Very fast digitisation results within 2.5 or 4.5 seconds
  • High resolution due to eight individual scans
  • Easy and user-friendly handling
  • Automatic merging of datasets, supported by the fine-alignment functionality of Breuckmann's OPTOCAT software
  • Automatic computation of triangle meshes
  • Data export to standard formats (STL, PLY, BRE, ASCII)
Case Study

Scanning of the German National Soccer Team in Duesseldorf, Germany

On the occasion of the Football World Championship hosted by Germany in 2006, the German National Soccer team had been invited for a training course by the German Football Federation (DFB). Besides a variety of exercises and photo shootings, the agenda also included a 3D scanning session for which the Breuckmann bodySCAN 3D system has been chosen. In the context of the "Mini-Men Project" instigated by the award-winning film director Christian Aeby, the national players Neuville, Metzelder, Lahm, Kehl, Jansen, Sinkiewicz and Wörns have been scanned. Because of their nomination at a later stage, they were still missing in the ranks of the previously created miniature kickers.

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Whole-body scan

Models created based on the scan data

AICON 3D Studio with DPA-Pro (Bundled with 3D Scanner)

AICON 3D-Studio

the mobile 3D measurement systems for scanning, Inspection and deformation measurements during stress tests in the lab

New System package - New Sensors - New Software version

The mobile industrial measurement system DPA-Pro by AICON is the perfect tool for mobile 3D deformation measurements during stress or climate tests in the lab.

The new system package from AICON is directed towards this special group of users. With new cameras the accuracy has been increased again and the new software version AICON 3D Studio Version 5.0 allows more comfortable data analysis. This photogrammetry can be used for the parts' size from 0.5 meter to 50 meters and above.
Flexible Tools For Demanding Measurement tasks.

With the AICON 3D Studio an efficient Control Panel for various measurement modules is available. Data from the different AICON measuring sensors such as DPA-Pro, ProCam as well as data from other measuring systems can be recorded and processed.

3D Industrial Measuring System


  • 3D Industrial Measuring System
  • Measuring Principle
  • Measuring System
  • Signalisation
  • Applications
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Scooters
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Bikes
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Big Auto Parts
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Cars / LCV
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Bus / HCV
  • Scanning and / or measurement of Aircrafts
  • 3-7 Microns per meter

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The solution by Breuckmann: The b-INSPECT 3D

The three-dimensional measuring system b-INSPECT3D scans the entire surface of the object rather than individual points, enabling even complex surfaces to be measured at extremely accurate level of detail: Regardless of material (cast parts, composite materials, etc.) or surface characteristics (forged, milled or polished), the system delivers highly precise three-dimensional data.

The scanning process is entirely non-contact and captures even fragile or easily deformed objects (e.g. made of wax or ceramic) quickly, smoothly, and at the required level of accuracy.

This completely self-contained measuring system is the result of a further development of Breuckmann’s well-known and proven scanning technology; the configuration of the modular designed system can be customised to any given measuring task. It is able to measure the complete geometry of an object within a fraction of time, and even difficult surfaces are precisely captured without the need for anti-reflection or matting pre-treatment.

Using a six-axis robot or a two-axis turn / tilt unit ensures the automatic and complete data capture of all relevant areas of the rotor blades and nozzle guide vanes, including leading and trailing edges. To guarantee reliable and precise data acquisition directly in the production environment, the system is vibration isolated and dust-protected.

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Light source: multi-color LED

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